Best Laptops for Coding 2019

What’s Important in a Laptop for Coding?

  • Fast: The first criteria for any coding laptop should be that it’s fast. You don’t want to be frustrated at how slow your laptop loads your IDE or how slow it complies.
  • Keyboard: A good keyboard is a must. You will be typing on this keyboard for many hours almost every day, so you want something that feels good and sturdy.
  • Lightweight: One great thing about being a coder is how you can code almost everywhere. You can bring your laptop home, to the nearest Starbucks or even when you are traveling to get some coding done. That’s why it’s important that your laptop for coding is light enough that it’s easy to bring with you.
  • Good battery life: A long battery life will be useful when traveling and you can’t plug it in. There’s nothing worse for a coder than losing hours of progress because your laptop suddenly died and you forgot to save.

Top-rated Coding Laptops 2019

Lenovo Yoga 710: Best Windows Laptop for Coding

The Lenovo Yoga has everything you’re going to need as a programmer. It’s thin and weighs only 3.3 pounds, so it’s quite easy to bring with you. The frameless 14-inch display has sharp graphics. If you are going to run something more graphically demanding, you can be sure it will run smoothly thanks to the Nvidia 940MX GPU.

Windows 10 comes pre-installed. If you take a look at the specs on this Lenovo Yoga 710 review, you’ll see it’s a speedy laptop with a 256GB SSD and 8GB RAM. The keyboard has short key travel and the trackpad feels nice and precise. Another advantage of this laptop is the long battery life. You can code on it the whole day and you won’t run out of battery.

MacBook Air: The Designer’s Favorite

If you are doing design work, frontend development or are designing user interfaces, it’s likely you already love MacBooks, and if you haven’t tried it might very well be time to. If you are a creative person you will love the Mac ecosystem that makes design work a smooth and seamless experience.

The thing that makes the Mac stand out is the excellent screen. The 13.3-inch Retina display has a resolution of 2560 x 1600 and provides excellent visuals. It doesn’t have a dedicated graphics card. This means even if the screen quality is top-notch, you’re going to have trouble running graphically demanding applications such as game dev work.

Overall, the hardware of the MacBook isn’t that impressive. It has an i5 CPU and comes in either 8GB ram and 16GB ram. It’s decent specs but you can find more powerful hardware for the cost. However, it’s still often good enough for most web dev work.

One big advantage of the MacBook is the light and slim design. Most Macs are quite expensive but the MacBook Air has a fairly affordable price.

Google Pixelbook: For the Android Developer

If you are an android developer a Chromebook is a natural choice. Most Chromebooks are inexpensive but not that powerful. The Google Pixelbook is quite a bit more expensive than your average Chromebook, but it has much more powerful hardware.

An example of the powerful hardware is the Pixelbook’s Intel Core i7 processor, that can handle complex calculations and runs debugging without any lag.

It’s a 2-1 laptop that can quickly get turned into a tablet. This can often increase productivity. Another thing that will help increase your productivity as a coder is the Linux operating system in the Pixelbook. Linux is a great OS that will suit almost any developer.

The screen is 13.3 inches and has 2400 x 1600 resolution. This combined with the comfortable keyboard makes the Pixelbook a perfect laptop for coding.

Are Chrome Laptops Worth It?

So now we frequently hear a lot about Chromebook and chrome OS. It is nothing like the windows OS and that is what makes it more special for its users. The sales market has increased considerably. It could not replace the Windows market, not now, at least for a couple of years. But it doesn’t have to. It is for a different set of users. People who manage all their work online and are not entirely dependent on in-house installed applications would instantly fall for the Chrome OS.

Now there is a common misconception that one could not get their work done without Microsoft office tools. This is just a myth. So, when does a laptop become a chrome laptop? When you opt for a chrome operating system instead of the traditional windows one!

Will you love Chrome OS?

Now how much you will love this OS entirely depends on how you get most of your work done. It also mostly depends on how flexible you can get with the applications you use. This would be perfect for you if

  • You are okay with using Gmail instead of outlook
  • You are fine working on Google docs instead of MS Word
  • You happily work online most parts of the day

Why Chrome

acer-791027_960_720Once you start using the chrome OS, you would know why so many prefer it over the already perfect windows one. The speed and ease of navigation is one vital aspect no one would want to ignore. Also it makes you feel like you have been working on an outdated operating system for a while. That’s the effect it has on you. The platform is so very chic and in-style that you would be ready to give up your traditional way of working. And if your work allows you to be flexible and use web-centric apps, it is already great!

  • You do not have to spend hours together on installation and reinstallation
  • You don’t have to shed your pennies on upgrades
  • It is a lot cheaper than other OS enabled laptops.

Okay, you do have alternatives for emails and docs but what about the rest? You could not use Skype, instead use Google hangouts. Pixlr could be used for image editing. And just think about storing it all in cloud storage. Your system would be faster and you have all the data synced up so you just need to log on and start working right away. No copying of files from email to personal folder and stuff but the storage space is kept at bare minimum here, just like your tab.

If you are an internet person and are constantly learning something new, you might want to be independent of Windows OS and try your hands at this new era Google thing! And if you still want to be able to connect to skype or your outlook for some time, chrome enables remote desktop option where you could connect to another laptop with windows remotely and use it for specific applications.

What To Do When Your Laptop Won’t Boot Up

Is your laptop not booting up? Of course, it might be a serious issue or sometimes it could be something that you can usually fix yourself instead of rushing to a laptop service provider. Check these signs and try fixing a laptop that won’t boot.

Is your power supply alright?

Sometimes your laptop won’t boot up as it may have a mismanaged power supply from the Power/AC Adapter or due to a fuse in the plug.

Remove the battery and see if it works on the main charge. Make sure the charger is the right one for your laptop. You might have brought a ‘universal’ power charger once your original charger fails and it might not be suitable for your laptop. Try changing the fuse or check it by using a spare power cable in the plug. Check the cord of the charger if it’s worn out, if you can see the colour wires inside the cord, replace it.

Is your screen actually working?

Disconnect all external displays like projectors and monitors. When the power LEDs lights up and the hard disk or fans can be heard humming, then dim the light in the room to see if you can see a faint display of the screen. In fact, your laptop is booting and there is a problem with the screen where the inverter might have failed or the LCD panel is faulty and you need to replace them.

Is there any USB drive or memory card connected?

Remove any external USB drives, memory cards or DVDs. Usually, the BIOS will try to remove storage devices before booting, but sometimes it may not work.

Did you use a rescue disk?

Are you encountering error messages, or does Window freeze before logging in, then use a Windows DVD if you have one, or download the rescue disk image from other sources and burn it into CD/DVD or extract it to a USB drive? Boot from this and try to fix the problem.

Did you try booting in Safe mode?

Sometimes you can boot in Safe mode. Press F8 when the laptop is starting and choose to boot in Safe mode. Here you will be able to make any changes, uninstall recently installed programmes, uninstall recently updated drivers or create a new user if the previous one is corrupted.

Do you have faulty or incompatible hardware?

If recently you have installed new hardware, that might be causing problems in booting up. Remove and try booting again. Sometimes your motherboard will have some postcodes shown in its LED readout, know what those codes mean using a manual or searching online. Remove all unnecessary hardware except the basic ones and try booting again.

Is there a hard disk failure?

Sometimes your hard disk might be at fault. Try inserting Windows installation or recovery media and run Start-up repair operation. If your hard disk makes a regular clicking or spinning sound with powering down over and over, it might be broken and needs to be replaced.

How To Recover Deleted Files On Your Laptop

Oh my god! No no no! Bring it back! This and so many other thoughts come to mind when you find that you have accidentally deleted an important file or photo.

No matter how careful or diligent you are, occasionally you might find yourself in a situation where you have accidentally deleted a file you shouldn’t have.

While panic is the first station, and no can blame you for it, next time, you’re in this situation, take a deep breath and follow some of the pointers mentioned below to see if you can recover the deleted file. If you still can’t then by all means freak out!

Recycle Bin

This one is fairly obvious and it’s the first place you should look for a deleted file. Recycle bin will hold files for a few days before deleting them permanently. So if you think a file has been deleted accidentally, check the Recycle Bin.

If you find the file you are looking for, right click on it and click ‘Restore’. Your file will be back to its previous location in your hard drive.

Of course, if the file you are looking for is a large one, then chances are it could be permanently deleted.

Recovering deleted files

If you have just deleted a large file accidentally and you know it is not in the Recycle bin, then don’t delete or save anything further in your laptop. Basically, when you delete a file, your system automatically sets it for overwrite, so if you don’t save anything new, chances are higher that it wouldn’t be overwritten and you can recover the deleted file.

Download recovery programs

You need to download a recovery program – there are several free downloadable programs like restoration, recuva, puran file recovery, etc.

Do check if you can download a portable version of the recovery program. This way you download this directly to a flash drive and run this program from it. Thus, eliminating the risk of the recovery program overwriting your deleted file.

Some recovery programs, however, do not come in portable versions. Run the recovery program. If you are saving the recovery program on your laptop, ensure you are not saving it in the same drive that you are trying to retrieve a deleted file.

Specify in the recovery program, the name of the file you are trying to recover. You can point the program to the disc where the file was saved, search by file name or simply click for the list of all recoverable files and browse through that.

Browse through the recoverable file list. If you file is in the list, you can right click it and ‘Restore’ it.

The restore method may vary depending upon the recovery program used. But do note that not all files are completely recoverable. This is because certain files/applications are stored in multiple portions of the hard drive and it’s possible that a portion or whole of your file has been overwritten.

If you file can be restored, it will either be restored to the same previous location or you can find it in the Recovery Folder.

Most times, a recovery program should help retrieve a deleted file, especially if you run the program immediately after you permanently delete a file. It’s harder to retrieve lost data if you are trying to recover the file several days or months after you’ve erased it.

Why Do You Need A New Laptop?

Laptops have over the years transformed dramatically from a computing device for doing official work to a gadget to show off. The need to own a sleek and stylish model with all the latest features included in has become dominant in the current era, where the manufacturers spin out newer models faster than one can decide.

In such a scenario, understanding the right reason to invest in a new laptop takes precedence. Let us now explore a few reasons why you might want to go in for a new laptop while your old one could be persuaded to last a little while longer.


Extremely tempting as the new models in the market may be, while the current laptop is serving its humble purpose, it is prudent to hold on to it some more. However, as your needs change and the old one no longer caters to them, then, considering the purchase of a new laptop makes sense.
For instance, if you stay put in one place and work from there, the laptop’s weight becomes irrelevant. But the moment travel is on the cards with the laptop tagging along, the same good old laptop becomes a burden and the need for a lighter model arises. Similarly, change in one’s profession or the necessity to install new software that is not supported by the current model paves the way for the nearest computer dealer.

Hindered performance:

Nothing is more frustrating than a faulty machine that spends more time at the service center than with you.Small issues arising all the time not helped by the research you put into the troubleshooting of the same calls for the decision to buy a new one. If an expired warranty is involved in this scenario, then that decision becomes a real sound one.

Not for its look:

Looks are often deceiving. The latest models that boast convertible option in the laptop are luring buyers like never before. Though the appeal of a laptop transforming itself into a tablet is undeniable, its weight becomes a barrier when compared to any tablet model. If this is the criterion you are basing the investment upon, then going for the cheaper tablet is better.

When an upgrade is not possible:

Where you have in your possession a system that can easily be upgraded to the current versions available in the market, buying a new model causes immediate regret. Whereas, you are stuck with a system that does not permit updating or upgrading based on what’s currently optimal in the market. Going for a new laptop is the call.

Past errors:

You may have once made an error of judgment, but not again! Having bought a laptop considering the price tag that accompanied it and not the features installed therein, you now wish to rectify your error and buy a laptop that best suits your requirements. This time, do a thorough research of what you really need in a laptop and which model actually caters to it, instead of checking whether it is the cheapest model available in the market.


What Is The Future Of Laptop Computing?


If you look at an advanced laptop you owned at the beginning of this millennium, you would remember having more of a brick-like object with some of the basic functionalities that your present laptop holds. There has been an enormous transition in computing technology and it is not slowing down for any reason in the coming years.

Future is going to bring in similarly fast-paced changes in laptop computing that will deliver better computing experience. Just like technology evolved so much as to using touch screens, motion sensors etc., it is going to give more user-friendly features. Let’s have a check on what to expect from future laptop technology.

Detachable Keyboards

Keyboards are not going to be eliminated since there is some convenience experienced while keying in details. But there will definitely be changes and improvements. Though tablets and notebooks remain in the mainstream, they will not replace traditional keyboards. Alterations are predicted in the design which will give detachable keyboards, laptop-tablet dual functionality equipment etc.

Retain Touchpad but Eliminate Mouse

With touch screens in, the touchpad will have a limited role, but has every chance to be retained. There is no future for the mouse as its relevance gets negligible. Though the controls are going to be high-end, the touchpad will have some role as part of the laptop.


This is a feature available for premium laptops at present and they come at a heavy cost. But, as technology gets cheaper, this will be a common aspect and the most sought out technology in the near laptop future.

Gesture Controls

Touch screens are only a beginning to the interaction and controls used in laptops. Gesture controls are going to rein the technology sector in few years from now. There will be eye controls, hand waving controls etc. powered up with high-end camera technology that gives a 3D effect to your everyday screen activities including games.

Cameras with Sensors

Future is going to bring evolved multiple cameras integrated with advanced sensors to catch even the most subtle movements. Cameras play an integral part in analyzing your movements and let the system understand and acknowledge your commands using gesture sensors. Here is a really cool concept video:

Laptop Gaming

Today laptops are starting to be a strong choice for portable gaming. A great example is the MSI GE Apashe-276, one of the laptops in the best gamer laptops under 1000 list. It has an impressive NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M graphic card, a fast hard drive and 12 GB of RAM. Not bad for a laptop with a price of no more than 1000 dollars.

Enhanced Battery Life

On average, laptops are expected to work straight through six hours before recharging. This, however, will take up a different face in the coming times with batteries retaining the charge for the whole day. That will be great news for travelers, business personnel, and hardcore gamers. These devices are going to be thinner and lighter with a long-lasting battery. Technology will advance to such levels as to decrease the consumption of cooling system power, increase performance and enhance capabilities of CPU.

Bright Future

There is the prediction of bright future for laptops with plenty of scope for evolution. This will be only an advanced form of today’s laptop. Technological advancement and reduction in price will make literally everything touch operated. The human-computer interaction is going to see a great change. Innovation is driving the industry and there is no slowing down. Change is inevitable and it is happening right now.