Are Chrome Laptops Worth It?

So now we frequently hear a lot about Chromebook and chrome OS. It is nothing like the windows OS and that is what makes it more special for its users. The sales market has increased considerably. It could not replace the Windows market, not now, at least for a couple of years. But it doesn’t have to. It is for a different set of users. People who manage all their work online and are not entirely dependent on in-house installed applications would instantly fall for the Chrome OS.

Now there is a common misconception that one could not get their work done without Microsoft office tools. This is just a myth. So, when does a laptop become a chrome laptop? When you opt for a chrome operating system instead of the traditional windows one!

Will you love Chrome OS?

Now how much you will love this OS entirely depends on how you get most of your work done. It also mostly depends on how flexible you can get with the applications you use. This would be perfect for you if

  • You are okay with using Gmail instead of outlook
  • You are fine working on Google docs instead of MS Word
  • You happily work online most parts of the day

Why Chrome

acer-791027_960_720Once you start using the chrome OS, you would know why so many prefer it over the already perfect windows one. The speed and ease of navigation is one vital aspect no one would want to ignore. Also it makes you feel like you have been working on an outdated operating system for a while. That’s the effect it has on you. The platform is so very chic and in-style that you would be ready to give up your traditional way of working. And if your work allows you to be flexible and use web-centric apps, it is already great!

  • You do not have to spend hours together on installation and reinstallation
  • You don’t have to shed your pennies on upgrades
  • It is a lot cheaper than other OS enabled laptops.

Okay, you do have alternatives for emails and docs but what about the rest? You could not use Skype, instead use Google hangouts. Pixlr could be used for image editing. And just think about storing it all in cloud storage. Your system would be faster and you have all the data synced up so you just need to log on and start working right away. No copying of files from email to personal folder and stuff but the storage space is kept at bare minimum here, just like your tab.

If you are an internet person and are constantly learning something new, you might want to be independent of Windows OS and try your hands at this new era Google thing! And if you still want to be able to connect to skype or your outlook for some time, chrome enables remote desktop option where you could connect to another laptop with windows remotely and use it for specific applications.

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  1. Courecity

    Sweet! I own a chrome book and I agree with this post. It is fast, easy to use and didn’t cost much. I love it!

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