How To Recover Deleted Files On Your Laptop

Oh my god! No no no! Bring it back! This and so many other thoughts come to mind when you find that you have accidentally deleted an important file or photo.

No matter how careful or diligent you are, occasionally you might find yourself in a situation where you have accidentally deleted a file you shouldn’t have.

While panic is the first station, and no can blame you for it, next time, you’re in this situation, take a deep breath and follow some of the pointers mentioned below to see if you can recover the deleted file. If you still can’t then by all means freak out!

Recycle Bin

This one is fairly obvious and it’s the first place you should look for a deleted file. Recycle bin will hold files for a few days before deleting them permanently. So if you think a file has been deleted accidentally, check the Recycle Bin.

If you find the file you are looking for, right click on it and click ‘Restore’. Your file will be back to its previous location in your hard drive.

Of course, if the file you are looking for is a large one, then chances are it could be permanently deleted.

Recovering deleted files

If you have just deleted a large file accidentally and you know it is not in the Recycle bin, then don’t delete or save anything further in your laptop. Basically, when you delete a file, your system automatically sets it for overwrite, so if you don’t save anything new, chances are higher that it wouldn’t be overwritten and you can recover the deleted file.

Download recovery programs

You need to download a recovery program – there are several free downloadable programs like restoration, recuva, puran file recovery, etc.

Do check if you can download a portable version of the recovery program. This way you download this directly to a flash drive and run this program from it. Thus, eliminating the risk of the recovery program overwriting your deleted file.

Some recovery programs, however, do not come in portable versions. Run the recovery program. If you are saving the recovery program on your laptop, ensure you are not saving it in the same drive that you are trying to retrieve a deleted file.

Specify in the recovery program, the name of the file you are trying to recover. You can point the program to the disc where the file was saved, search by file name or simply click for the list of all recoverable files and browse through that.

Browse through the recoverable file list. If you file is in the list, you can right click it and ‘Restore’ it.

The restore method may vary depending upon the recovery program used. But do note that not all files are completely recoverable. This is because certain files/applications are stored in multiple portions of the hard drive and it’s possible that a portion or whole of your file has been overwritten.

If you file can be restored, it will either be restored to the same previous location or you can find it in the Recovery Folder.

Most times, a recovery program should help retrieve a deleted file, especially if you run the program immediately after you permanently delete a file. It’s harder to retrieve lost data if you are trying to recover the file several days or months after you’ve erased it.

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