What Is The Future Of Laptop Computing?


If you look at an advanced laptop you owned at the beginning of this millennium, you would remember having more of a brick-like object with some of the basic functionalities that your present laptop holds. There has been an enormous transition in computing technology and it is not slowing down for any reason in the coming years.

Future is going to bring in similarly fast-paced changes in laptop computing that will deliver better computing experience. Just like technology evolved so much as to using touch screens, motion sensors etc., it is going to give more user-friendly features. Let’s have a check on what to expect from future laptop technology.

Detachable Keyboards

Keyboards are not going to be eliminated since there is some convenience experienced while keying in details. But there will definitely be changes and improvements. Though tablets and notebooks remain in the mainstream, they will not replace traditional keyboards. Alterations are predicted in the design which will give detachable keyboards, laptop-tablet dual functionality equipment etc.

Retain Touchpad but Eliminate Mouse

With touch screens in, the touchpad will have a limited role, but has every chance to be retained. There is no future for the mouse as its relevance gets negligible. Though the controls are going to be high-end, the touchpad will have some role as part of the laptop.


This is a feature available for premium laptops at present and they come at a heavy cost. But, as technology gets cheaper, this will be a common aspect and the most sought out technology in the near laptop future.

Gesture Controls

Touch screens are only a beginning to the interaction and controls used in laptops. Gesture controls are going to rein the technology sector in few years from now. There will be eye controls, hand waving controls etc. powered up with high-end camera technology that gives a 3D effect to your everyday screen activities including games.

Cameras with Sensors

Future is going to bring evolved multiple cameras integrated with advanced sensors to catch even the most subtle movements. Cameras play an integral part in analyzing your movements and let the system understand and acknowledge your commands using gesture sensors. Here is a really cool concept video:

Laptop Gaming

Today laptops are starting to be a strong choice for portable gaming. A great example is the MSI GE Apashe-276, one of the laptops in the best gamer laptops under 1000 list. It has an impressiveĀ NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M graphic card, a fast hard drive and 12 GB of RAM. Not bad for a laptop with a price of no more than 1000 dollars.

Enhanced Battery Life

On average, laptops are expected to work straight through six hours before recharging. This, however, will take up a different face in the coming times with batteries retaining the charge for the whole day. That will be great news for travelers, business personnel, and hardcore gamers. These devices are going to be thinner and lighter with a long-lasting battery. Technology will advance to such levels as to decrease the consumption of cooling system power, increase performance and enhance capabilities of CPU.

Bright Future

There is the prediction of bright future for laptops with plenty of scope for evolution. This will be only an advanced form of today’s laptop. Technological advancement and reduction in price will make literally everything touch operated. The human-computer interaction is going to see a great change. Innovation is driving the industry and there is no slowing down. Change is inevitable and it is happening right now.

  1. Dave

    Some of the so called “new technology” in this article is already here like laptop gaming and touchscreens. Still nice article with some cool things I never head of.

  2. Mary

    Cool new tech. I am eagerly awaiting the development in gesture technology. Me and my husband and our three children enjoy wii gaming and we are hoping to see more similar gaming platforms in the future.

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